Recreation rooms

Goflow achieves the cleanest and healthiest indoor air for your recreation room. By applying Goflow’s vertical displacement ventilation, the exposure to contamination will be > 98% lower compared to the premium ventilation systems available.


Residents and patients would like to be able to spend time together without undue concerns about indoor air quality.

This also applies to your healthcare employees. Reducing exposure by 98% or more will structurally reduce absenteeism among your employees.


The air quality in every recreation room is monitored by an external independent organization. They report the air quality on a monthly basis.


Due to its design, a Goflow system has 90% less air resistance, as a result our system will save 90% more energy compared to natural ventilation, therefore it is 50% more economical than a class A ventilation system.

Lower costs

Goflow only uses the world’s best components and suppliers and provides a 5-year warranty. The total cost of ownership will always be more favorable by using a Goflow solution than other ventilation or air conditioning solutions offered.


Goflow completely relieves you as management or board. Goflow guarantees comfort and air quality for 15 years. The preparation, coordination of delivery and installation, maintenance, service and warranty in the hands of one organization.


No uncertainties but clear responsibilities. If desired, we provide financing and you only pay an amount per resident per year.


Due to the chosen modular design and standardization, a recreation room is transformed into a fresh and healthy recreation room in just a few days.

Goflow for your organization

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