Vertical ventilation!

Betere leerprestaties en plezier door een veilig en gezond binnenklimaat.

Average CO2 value in a Goflow ventilated classroom

0 ppm

Why vertical ventilation?

During the corona pandemic, we found that traditional ventilation systems were not sufficiently capable of reducing aerosol exposure in students. Research from TNO in 2021 has shown that the vertical displacement ventilation system developed by Goflow reduces aerosol exposure by 97%.

Here's why!

First conclusions and observations:

  • The average gas consumption drops from about 10 m3 to about 4 m3 of natural gas per m2 GFA ( Gross Floor Area) without changing the building envelope.
  • Average CO2 levels during classroom hours remain below the promised 700 ppm.
  • Average particulate matter concentrations also remain below the promised 3 µg/m³.
  • A Goflow floor is always cleaner than a traditional floor.

How does the system work?


Vertical displacement ventilation carries air by the most direct route to the outside without contact with other occupants in the room.


In a Goflow classroom, it feels like you are being educated in open air. Every child and every teacher deserves that feeling, every day.

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What are the benefits?


Goflow's air conditioning system is at least 70% more energy efficient than current systems. Instead of radiators, Goflow uses convectors under the floor that heat or cool the air, provided a heat pump is used.

Best for health

TNO research shows that students in a Goflow classroom are exposed to 97% less aerosols. A healthy indoor climate leads to better learning performance and lower absenteeism. Initial feedback from the occupational health and safety service, show a 90% lower short-term sick leave among teachers.

Sustainable & socially responsible
The Goflow system is made from sustainable materials and developed according to the principles of Design for Disassembly and Design for Re-use, actively contributing to a circular economy. People with a distance to the labor market from DZB Leiden assemble the Goflow units.
The CO2 level in a Goflow classroom never exceeds 700 ppm, well below the Dutch "Fresh Schools" standard. Enjoy optimal comfort all day long for better concentration

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Experience it

You can experience what the cleanest indoor air feels like in the Goflow experience lab. Sign up!

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