Everyone has a right for healthy air!

Vertical displacement ventilation

Core values

Our promises


In 100% of the cases, Goflow realises a healthier indoor climate than existing ventilation systems produce.

More comfort

With Goflow you always have the feeling that you are breathing clean outside air.


The system consumes on average 70% less energy than existing modern systems. The system is made of sustainable materials and developed according to the principle of 'Design for Disassembly' and 'Design for re-use'.


The system is modular and can be installed quickly and easily in any room. In addition, maintenance is simple and the TCO is guaranteed to be lower than current systems.


Traditional ventilation is insuficient

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that a visit to a school, hospital, restaurant, gym and/ or office building where a traditional ventilation system is installed, may involve a relevant, increased risk of infection.

That is why both the RIVM (‘Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu’ which is the Dutch authority for health and environment) and the WHO advise to ventilate more and better. However, ventilating more does not lead per se to less spreading of pathogens. Incorrect ventilation unexpectedly and annoyingly causes more dispersion of what is in the air.

This made us extra prepared to think outside of traditional ventilation systems and concepts to develop a “world-improving” ventilation concept. The solution is vertical displacement ventilation.

This way of ventilation is inspired by how ventilation is done in operating rooms and is therefore at least 10 times more effective than current ventilation systems.

With vertical displacement ventilation we make it possible to come together safely and breathe clean and safe indoor air.

We consider clean air for our children at school and our colleagues on the work floor as self-evident as clean drinking water.


Scientific research

TNO has been commissioned by Goflow to conduct independent research into the effectiveness of a Goflow system compared to a traditional class A system. Research shows that the exposure of aerosols (particulate matter) at children in classrooms can be reduced by 97% or more.

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Complete solution

The Goflow system consists of 4 elements


Goflow is there for schools healthcare offices gyms

Educational institutions

By creating a safe and healthy indoor climate in classrooms, people in education can function better and more pleasantly and their students will learn significantly more pleasantly and perform better.

The spread of pathogens through the indoor air is reduced by at least 90% by applying the vertically ventilated Goflow system. For this reason, the Goflow system is basically ideal for use in healthcare facilities. Moreover, the system has the option of zoning. As a result, the patient can be put in an overpressure and be extra protected.


By creating an extremely pleasant and healthy indoor climate in offices, colleagues remain more alert and productive throughout the day.

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